Caps and Closures

SONY DSCCPD – Bottles and Closures offers a variety of closure options for your container needs – including plastic and metal, lotion pumps, trigger and fine mist sprayers and many varieties of dispensing caps.

We are certain to have the right cap or closure for you business need. Cap & Closures options include:

Plastic Caps – lined and unlined threaded plastic closures that includes smooth, dome and ribbed plastic caps.

Plastic Dispensing Caps – including colorful, stylish dispensing caps, such as disc top caps, shaker, spice and more.

Pumps, Sprayers, Misters & Atomizers – dispense your products through lotion pumps, triggers, fine mist sprayers, fingertip or atomizers.

Metal Caps – choose from our lined and unlined metal caps in a range of sizes, both threaded and lug finishes available.

Shrink Bands – Apply shrink bands to provide a tamper-evident seal on all of your products and liven up your product line with heat shrink bands.

Orifice Reducers, Sifters & Disc Liners – Insert orifice reducers and sifters into bottles to control liquid or powder product outpouring, and protect cosmetics products with differently sized cosmetic disc liners.

Caps and Closures are typically available to ship within a week.